An Automatic Strapping Machine- What Is It and Is It Worth It?

An automatic strapping machine is a self-running banding machine that tightly wraps products for shipment. It does a superior job in packaging, giving the client high-quality products and brand identification at no added cost. Automatic strapping machines are ideal for medium or large companies that run an extensive supply chain.

Speed-The automatic strapping machine is a fast and efficient device that efficiently secures pallets and loads in place. It can be used for multiple applications, greatly increasing productivity in shipping/receiving areas. The major function of the strapping machine is to unroll and feed the strap onto a circular, mechanical arm until the strap is fully wound around the cargo. After the strap affixes, it will be cut and automatically reloaded back onto the belt.

It’s Efficient and Effective– The automatic strapping machines are designed to be efficient and effective. It integrates the high-precision storage of label, feeding, gripping, cutting, pasting, and clamping into one unit. The machine can strap different kinds of flexible belts up to 120 mm in width. The automatic strapping machine adopts an advanced three-roller structure, and it is with high strength plastic structure that can guarantee the reliable and stable performance of these machines.

Saves Cost-An automatic strapping machine is an investment that assists the load bundling process, thereby saving time, labor, and cost. The machine can also be applied for strapping many other packages such as cable, mesh, and paper. With an automatic machine, it is no longer necessary to use metal strapping tapes and glue guns in the manual strapping process. Therefore, the labor costs can be saved up to 70 percent. The manufacturing costs of the metal strap tapes can be avoided as well.

Save Time-Strapping machines hold great businesses together. They play an important role in any supply chain network, saving time and money on both ends of the transaction. A reliable strapping machine saves businesses overhead with automated production and reduced labor costs.

Boosts Productivity-If an automatic strapping machine is used, a worker will spend less time wrapping repeatedly. The machine will wrap goods automatically. Thus, the worker can focus on packaging goods instead of wrapping goods all the time.

Large Processing Capacity-The automatic straight line packaging machines are designed for individual packing of products and product groups with different shapes and sizes into a stable strapping and bagging device, which can transport goods to containers, pallets, or directly to the customer. The automatic strapping machine can realize the low labor cost, efficiency, high accuracy, and stability in the packing process. It features a modular structure, convenient maintenance, a large processing capacity, etc.

Enhances Safety-A strapping machine is used in manufacturing conditions where proper packaging is essential. It has a tape clamp or a tape cutter, which helps keep the product safe during transportation.

Improves Durability: The automatic strapping machine has a sturdy die-cast aluminum construction and is designed for cuffing and sealing packages. It’s not only durable, but it’s versatile and has a high-capacity design for efficient use in a variety of industries.

Offers a Higher ROI (Return on Investment)-The automatic strapping machine (also known as a strapping machine) is one of the most widely used pallet machines. Employed in almost every industry, it plays a vital role in improving operating efficiency and preventing losses resulting from product damage. A major reason why it’s so popular is that it helps to save time and money, which ultimately leads to a substantial return on investment (ROI).

Are There Other Types of Strapping Machines?

Manual strapping machines-Manual strapping machines are devices that can easily wrap a bundle of objects securely and efficiently. There is no power source required, which means these are very budget-friendly as well as portable. Manual strapping machines come in different types and from various manufacturers.

Semi-automatic strapping machines– These machines are ideal for high-speed, low-volume production. With a modern design and quality components, Stapling machines add value to your products. They can also help you increase quality and productivity. The machine has a magazine, release mechanism, and adhesive applicator. Made of steel and aluminum or steel, they are heavy-duty and fully adjustable. In addition, they have an adjacent workstation that makes it easy to keep track of applications during operation.

What You Need to Know When Selecting an Automatic Strapping Machine

Some of the things to consider while shopping for an automatic strapping machine include;

Size of the items that need to be strapped-The size of the items you intend to wrap using a strapping machine plays a crucial role in your purchase decision. Giant industrial machines can strap an entire pallet in mere minutes, but these behemoths are usually too large to fit into a crowded warehouse. Smaller strapping machines can strap items ranging from heavy machinery to jumbo boxes – so for the best value for money, you need to consider the objects you wish to bind.

Strapping rate-It’s indeed true that you should consider the strapping rate while selecting a strapping machine. Because the speed of the strapping machine determines the strapping efficiency and so the productivity. The greater the speed, the greater is its efficiency and productivity.

Price-When you are looking for a strapping machine, you must pick an option that best fits your requirements. Mostly it is required that the machine contains cleats of best material and length. It should also have less weight and be easy to use for the operator. Its price should be reasonable to fit within the range of your budget in order to get a better output and impressive performance.

Spending less on a machine does not guarantee value for money. In fact, it can have the opposite effect if the product is more trouble than it’s worth.

Strapping volume-For most packing jobs, the main property for a strapping machine is its strapping capacity. Generally speaking, the strapper with a higher volume of the strap will provide better packing performance. For products that are sold in bulk and easy to damage, like glassware, the well-known suppliers suggest the customer buy a strapper with a larger strap volume

Key Takeaway

No matter what industry you’re in, your packaging gets a product across the country or worldwide. Over time, this can be a costly process. However, investing in an automatic strapping machine allows you to keep more packages together and secure than ever before, ultimately saving time and money.