Corrugated Is the Smart Choice for Packaging Food – Know Why

Corrugated boxes play an enormous role in the food industry to pack different varieties of food products such as vegetables, fruits, and canned foods. Corrugated material will have simple design, easy to recognize, fluting (paper layers) between liners (soft paper sheets). So, nearly 50% of manufactured goods are packed with corrugated boxes.

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The following is some information about corrugated boxes that help you to understand why it is the smart choice in food packaging.

Corrugated packaging prevents bacteria          

Corrugated boxes support safety to the food as it prevents the growth of bacteria and microorganisms. According to research studies, corrugated box is one of the effective ways to keep vegetables and fruit fresh for almost 3 days more compared to other packaging types.

Once the box is trapped, bacteria will not reach nutrients and water. Moreover, bacteria will die before scattering to the food.

Corrugated packaging is affordable

These boxes are often made with recycled materials like old containers, straw, and newspapers. So, the production cost, labor, as well as shipping cost are extremely low than other packaging options.

Corrugated materials are versatile

Corrugated boxes are customizable as liners and fluting are available in many dimensions and thickness. You can choose specific packaging depending on the requirement of food products. This material will be designed into different type of boxes that can carry various products carefully from electronics to medical goods, from toys to foods.

Corrugated materials are durable

Corrugated packaging is not only protective but also strong as well. Finer cushioning and stiff structure makes it handle shipping process and maintain food products dry and safe.

Corrugated materials are sustainable

It is an eco-friendly packaging choice that has a very good rate for recycling, these days.  Storing corrugated boxes for later usage is the most common practice for householders and businesses. These materials are used again and again before keeping in a recycle bin. There is a significant increase in the usage of corrugated materials among retailers, consumers, and packagers in the recent years.

Corrugated boxes help to reduce total cost on the whole supply chain, so choose the best online supplier who provides high-quality corrugated boxes and order your custom-made boxes today depending on your business needs.