Living in Memphis, TN: Cost of Living, Quality of Life, and More

Memphis is one of the nation’s most unknown paradises. From incredible music and food to the affordable cost of living, you won’t believe how much you can do and see on a budget here.

These are the top things to know about Memphis and why life here is better than anything else you’ll find!

1. The Cost of Living

When compared to the national average, Memphis is an incredibly affordable place to live! This city wasn’t hit as hard by the rapid price climb of real estate between 2020 and 2022, and although the market has slowed eleven here, it was already low to start with.

The average Memphis houses for sale are larger, have more storage, and are on more land than ones you’ll find at comparable prices in other states. This gives you a chance to let your dollar stretch further.

2. The Entertainment

Known as the birthplace of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Memphis has a massive music scene that stretches from border to border. Whether you’re in town to visit Graceland or you want to check out Sun City Records, you’ll be able to connect with the history of music and feel like you understand it a little better.

Almost every bar and club has a live music act at least once a week, which ensures you can get your fill of live performances without having to pay the high price of concerts!

3. The Food and Culture

If you like spice, comfort food, and southern flavor, you’re in luck! Memphis has created its own culinary style that stands out from anywhere else on Earth. From McEwan’s, a southern fusion bar and restaurant, to Flight Restaurant and Wine Bar, a more upscale destination, you’ll find flavors that speak to you on almost any city street.

The culture and people here are welcoming and eager to help you fall in love with Memphis, so it’s unlike anything else most people have seen.

4. The Quality of Life

The quality of life in Memphis is high thanks to how much you can do or see here and how affordable everything is. If you want to get out and enjoy a weekend of hiking or even go biking after you get off work, you can find the time to do it here. The work-life balance is great for most people and gives you a chance to keep trying new things.

5. The Weather and Natural Surroundings

Memphis has hot summers and icy winters, spliced by the most beautiful seasons you’ll ever see. Not only are these the greenest springs, full of abundant plant life and endless stunning nature views, but the fall is like paradise. When autumn hits, all of Memphis turns into gorgeous hues of red, gold, and orange and will blow you away. If you want the best of every season, you’ll find it here.

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There’s Nowhere Else Like Memphis

Memphis offers the chance to start fresh and create a life for yourself that you can be proud of. If you’re ready to find that paradise for yourself, consider moving to this beautiful Tennessee city soon!