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Three Important Factors to Consider Before Buying a UTV

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The increasing popularity of utility vehicles has left many people thinking about investing in one. These side-by-side, off-road vehicles are functional, versatile, and fun in a recreational aspect. Their durability and performance have allowed them to carve a niche market on the farm, construction, hospitals, mining sites, and other industries. But not all utility task vehicles (UTVs) are the same. Just like other machinery, there are many options for UTVs.
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Before you buy one, it is important to ask yourself some questions. Your answers will help you in narrowing down your search and spend your money wisely. When buying a side-by-side, make sure to consider the following aspects:


Consider the kind of load you want to haul with a UTV. Do you need it to fit a full-size pallet in the bed? Think about the weight you plan to haul in the cargo bed. The specifications of the vehicle tend to vary widely in this aspect. Even if you plan on using the side-by-side for performance sports, you must consider how much you want to load it with.

Seat Space

Take into account the number of passengers you will have to accommodate while using the UTV either on trail or farm. As a side-by-side vehicle, the driver can have a passenger beside them. Depending on the UTV you will buy, the front seat is either a bench seat or a bucket seat.

A lot of manufacturers advertise bench seats that can accommodate three people. A bucket seat is made for one person in every seat. But, the majority of manufacturers also provide the ability to have a second row of seating that accommodates 2-3 more people. Thus, some UTVs can seat as many as 6 people with bench seating in the back and front.

New or Used

No matter you use the UTV for your farm or outdoor hobby, you might be wondering whether to go new or used. Buying a new machine has benefits including a brand-new machine with a full warranty. A lot of the UTVs on the market come with warranties for more than one year and several thousand miles. Also, buying new means you can get exactly what you want.

Meanwhile, if you choose to buy a used UTV you must be careful and inspect the machine. Check some key elements before you commit to the purchase of a pre-owned machine. Check the oil and the air filters. Overly dirty oil and air filters can indicate the UTV wasn’t maintained well. Also, look under the seats and around the frame of the engine to know if it has received great care.

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