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University of Phoenix Launches New Partnership With Elevate K-12

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In the middle of a nationwide teacher shortage due to the COVID-19 pandemic, University of Phoenix is participating in a new partnership with Elevate K-12. This collaboration connects teachers with schools facing the greatest instructor shortfalls using live-streaming technology.

Student Teachers and Degree Programs

Educational degree programs require a minimum number of observation hours in student teaching, which is almost impossible under current social distancing restrictions. Elevate K-12 bridges the gap between student teachers who need classroom experience and schools that face a teacher shortage.

While there are many technology options in place for remote learning, a lack of qualified teachers has left many schools in difficult situations. Classes without teachers were unable to meet the requirements even when using a remote learning system. Elevate Live seeks to bridge this gap and streamline processes for educators. Teachers prepare lesson plans that make an impact by utilizing tools that transform the classroom into a livestream environment.

By working with University of Phoenix, Elevate K-12 can support classrooms with technology and teachers to fill critical needs. Kross mentioned that the partnership with University of Phoenix is beneficial for everyone involved. Degree requirements can now be met by student teachers without the health risks of in-person teaching or delays due to COVID-19 restrictions. This reignites the career track for student teachers who were enrolled in a program when the pandemic hit, disrupting their progress. Underserved classrooms benefit with access to mentors and educators that can provide instruction that was otherwise lacking.

Addressing a National Teacher Shortage

Pamela Roggeman, dean of University of Phoenix’s College of Education, expressed enthusiasm that Elevate K-12 has a solution for the country’s teacher shortage. The partnership includes a mentoring system with Elevate K-12. Mentors assigned to the program are in the top 10 percentile of teachers nationwide. Every student teacher from University of Phoenix works with an Elevate K-12 mentor in the virtual classroom over a 12-week period. The student teacher takes over the classroom at week six.

Kross noted that during this 12-week period, the school benefits from the presence of both the mentor and the student teacher at no additional cost. Students from University of Phoenix’s degree programs in education meet their required clinical hours, even under current conditions. Student teachers also access classroom videos to supplement their learning. This solution addresses the national shortage of qualified, certified teachers by enabling students to complete their training and degree and ultimately join the workforce.

About Elevate K-12

Elevate K-12 provides high-quality technology solutions for livestreaming to K-12 schools nationwide. Their instructional technology is used in school districts suffering from shortages of qualified, experienced teachers. Elevate K-12 offers proprietary live instructional management technology, live instruction service, and  curriculum and classroom management, which simulate the real classroom experience. Based in Chicago, the company is engaged with schools across 11 states and is continuing to expand. For more details, visit www.elevatek12.com.

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