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Uses and relevance of soil mix

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A soil mix, which is also known as soil recipe is a growth supplement that has a great impact on the healthy growth and development of your plants, and the required nutrients and minerals they take in.

There are various soil recipes, each having its unique quality and can be used for various plants as plant growth have various needs which includes the type of soil the grow in. It is just like a plant that thrives in a water dense area cannot grow properly in the desert and vice Versa.

Advantages of soil recipe for planting

Some plants can grow without soil recipe, however growing your plants in a quality growth substrate will help the grow in a nutrient filled environment, further increasing its life span and saving your plants from being malnourished.

A soil recipe can also contain compost from decayed or fresh plants and foods such as yam, cooked beans, barks of trees etc.

  • Manufacturers of soil recipes, usually add organic fertilizers in the course of production to further increase the quality of the soil recipe.
  • Various soil recipes has a popular feature of it’s ability to retain water in the soil thereby increasing soil moisture which helps transport minerals and vitamins to the plants to help them grow stronger.
  • A soil recipe is well aerated especially in the root area. It provides good aeration to the developing plants and helps the root spread well for better gaseous exchange.

What is contained in a soil recipe

A soil recipe can contain various properties depending on what you want. Some of the ingredients are more dominant than others. You would know this if you have experience in gardening. Some of the ingredients include

  • Brown peat or blond peat
  • Compost sourced from various plants
  • Perlite added for cutting and sewing the soil recipe
  • Plant mulch, mineral mulch
  • Ramial wood chips

The soil mixture varies in different manufactures because the plant requirements of a certain tree may not be the same as another tree. You stand in the gap to further improve our environment by planting with renewable materials. Because peat is not renewable, manufacturers are set out to develop better materials that could replace peat in the gardening niche. New materials such as hortifibre, brief black soil and several others.

The type of soil mix/recipe you go for depends on the type of plant you wish to grow.

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